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Alumni Legacy Non-Resident Waiver

*Application Required*

Fall Deadline July 15th

Spring Deadline December 15th

Continuing the Tradition

Did one of your parents or grandparents earn a degree from Dixie/Utah Tech? If so, you can now attend Utah Tech University at resident tuition costs and the non-resident portion of tuition will be waived ($11,568.96 per year based on 2022-23 tuition). Follow your parents’ or grandparents’ footsteps and become a Dixie/Utah Tech Alum. We want you here!


  • Be admitted to Utah Tech by the posted deadline/s
  • Have at least one parent or grandparent who earned an associates degree or higher at Dixie/Utah Tech.
  • Freshmen must have a 2.3 high school unweighted GPA or higher. Transfer students must have a 2.5 Transfer GPA or higher with at least 24 credits completed.
  • Be a US Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status
  • Attend Utah Tech University Dixie Campus
  • Have intent to graduate from Utah Tech University
  • Major in an eligible Utah Tech program
  • Students with a Bachelors’ degree or excess of 150 credit hours are not eligible for scholarships.

*Note: Awarding of the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver for fall semester will start in January and will continue to be awarded monthly until the deadline.


Program Details:

The Alumni Legacy Waiver is renewable for up to 4-years (8 full-time semesters) and requires full-time enrollment of 15 or more credit hours.

Time spent in Utah on the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver can now be counted towards establishing resident student status.

The Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver was implemented July 1, 2009 and made possible by the signing of House Bill 364. The addition of grandparents to the waiver was implemented July 1, 2013 and made possible by the signing of Senate Bill 51. You can read the most updated version of this bill online here.

Participants in the Legacy program must do the following to remain eligible:

  • Complete no less than 15 credit hours per semester. The Legacy Waiver will not pay on more than 20 credit hours per semester
  • Maintain a 3.2 yearly grade point average
  • Have not accepted any other Utah Tech scholarship in the form of tuition waiver or tuition reduction (private cash awards or scholarships are acceptable).


Scholarship Office

Email: scholarships@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7578