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Academic Scholarships


There are now opportunities for all first time incoming freshmen to receive an academic scholarship.

Utah Resident



Info for High School Counselors


First-time transfer students will receive automatic consideration for top academic scholarships.

Utah Resident Transfer

Non-Resident Transfer

If you have ever applied to Utah Tech/Dixie State in the past, you will need to apply for a second chance at a scholarship.

Second Chance Transfer


Central location for various scholarships available for Graduate Programs at Utah Tech University

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Current Student Utah Resident

This opportunity is for Utah Residents who have no other academic scholarship. One Year only. Must reapply each year.

1-Year Current Student Scholarship

Current Student Non-Resident

These opportunities are for Non-Residents who have no other academic scholarship. If qualified, it can be a multi-year scholarship, depending on meeting yearly qualifications.

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Additional Scholarships

Community and Local

Over 30 different scholarships are offered by local businesses and members of the community. Page now includes Spring Scholarship Opportunities.

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All students are invited to apply for scholarships in talent-based programs, check out Radio and Sports Production, Business Department Scholarships, and more.

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Check out leadership opportunities around campus such as the Utah Tech Student Association, Student Ambassadors and the Utah Tech Alumni Ambassadors.

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Diversity/ Multicultural

Utah Tech University recognizes that a culturally diverse student body benefits and enriches the educational experience of all students, faculty and staff. Thus, we strive to to assist students who will enrich this cultural diversity.

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If you or your spouse are a veteran and you are in financial need, you may qualify for additional help.

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Tuition waivers are available for first-time international students as well as continuing or transfer students.

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Special Opportunities

Private Scholarships

There are a wide variety of Private Scholarships students may apply for, from the Saccomanno Higher Education Foundation to the Lightfoot Foundation.

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AmeriCorps Educational Awards

Americorps UCC Program
allows thousands of people in the U.S. the opportunity to serve their community and earn an education award.

Discover Opportunities

State of Utah Scholarships

The State of Utah has many opportunities for scholarships. These include the New Century, Trailblazer Promise, Opportunity Scholarship and more.

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Have a Private Scholarship?

If you have an outside scholarship, contact your donor and let them know you are attending Utah Tech. Check out this page for where to send checks or anything else you may need.

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Scholarship FAQs

If you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ page with any other information you may need to know.


Financial Aid Department

Have questions about the FAFSA and the Financial Aid options? Check out the Utah Tech Financial Aid page.

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Part-Time & Extension Requests

Are you wanting to request to attend part time, while on your scholarship?

Or are you hoping for an extension of your scholarship?

Check out this page to see if it is possible.

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Joni Hale

Associate Director of Scholarships

Email: joni.hale@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7578

Office: Holland 1st Floor