Rising Star Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students in the Student Success Program who have demonstrated academic engagement and effort during their first semester of college. Three scholarships will be awarded at the beginning of Spring 2023 for $500, $300, and $200. This scholarship is by invitation only for those qualifying students in the Student Success program who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher at midterm grade checks,

The scholarship application, testimonial, and essay must be submitted by 11:59 pm on November 30th.

The testimonial is submitted by recording a FlipGrid video* that is between 60-90 seconds in length. If you want to make your video on your phone you will need to download the FlipGrid app (apple app, google play app) but if you want to make your video on a computer webcam, there is no need to download anything! Qualified applicants will receive a FlipGrid invitation by email.

The Rising Star Scholars will be notified in December 2022, and the scholarship is awarded Spring semester and is contingent upon enrollment

Student Success Scholarship(Rising Star)

Personal Information


For this scholarship, you will need to ask for a recommendation from one DSU faculty or staff. This person is someone who knows you and can verify how you have demonstrated academic engagement (class attendance, participation, time management, attitude, campus involvement) and effort since starting college.

Make sure you ask your reference if they are willing to recommend you and let them know the submission deadline is April 8.

Scholarship Essay

Two-page, double-spaced essay on (1) Define your academic goal for your first semester, (2) Describe how you stayed on track with your academic goal, specifically addressing academic engagement (class attendance, participation, time management, attitude, Study hall/tutoring, and campus involvement) and effort towards your goal, despite experiencing roadblocks or obstacles. Use specific examples in your essay. Remember, the quality of your writing will be part of winning the scholarship. Use proofreaders and the writing center!

Send the completed essay as a Word document to Jamie Kearra at with RISING STAR scholarship in the subject line.

Requirements *
*Applicants unable to complete the FlipGrid video can contact for an alternate testimonial.

Previous Award Recipients