Utah Tech University

Private/Outside Scholarship Checks

Are you planning to receive outside funds?

If you have received a scholarship from your workplace, community entity, business, etc, they may need some additional information.

Some donors may need a verification of your enrollment, a billing statement, or a financial needs analysis. Contact your donor to let them know you are attending Utah Tech, and ask if they need anything else from you (ie: a schedule of your classes) or if they need anything rom the university.

Always work with your donor. They are the ones with the funds and we are just waiting for the checks.

If the scholarship does not have any specific semester requirement for payment, we will default to the current semester and pay it all out for one semester. If you have a preference for your funds, and if we can accommodate it (depending on donor wishes) then we will accommodate to how you would like for it to pay. Just reach out to someone in the scholarship office about that request.

Address for private scholarships for specific students:

Checks should be made out to Utah Tech University and mailed to:

Utah Tech University

Attn: Scholarship Office

225 S University Ave

St George, UT 84770

Financial Needs Analysis Needed

If your donor requires a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), reach out to:

Sage Talbot

Financial Aid Counselor




Joni Hale

Associate Director of Scholarships

Email: scholarships@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7578

Office: Holland Centennial Commons 1st Floor