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Is the new scholarship grid just for 2021 admits, or is this ongoing?

There are no current plans to change the scholarship grid or requirements again. Our plan is to keep these requirements and levels from here on out. However, they are always subject to change.

Our school doesn't rank our students. How can we get our students qualified?

You are not the only school out there that does not rank students officially on their transcripts, or at all. However, if a student wants to receive consideration for one of the top two freshmen scholarships, we need a rank. All we need is a letter, on school letterhead, from you, your registrar, or your principal, stating the student’s name and date of birth with their current rank out of their specific class size. This can be emailed in from your school email to the Scholarship Office at scholarships@dixie.edu.

How long will you accept a new GPA or Class Rank?

Students can submit any new information for scholarship consideration until our March 1st deadline for top academic scholarships.

For you counselors from outside the state of Utah, if it is after March 1st and your student would still like consideration for the WUE, Good Neighbor, Red Rocks, or Dixie Half Merit they have until the July 15th deadline. However, the max they will qualify for is the WUE/Good Neighbor/Red Rocks, as they will have missed the March 1st deadline for top academic scholarships.

My student has taken the ACT/SAT already and received a high score. Can they try for a higher scholarship?

If your student, based on old index scores, may have qualified for something higher, yes, they can definitely appeal to try to get their ACT/SAT included for scholarship consideration. They will have to have received a high ACT score of at least a 25 (1200 SAT) to appeal. They can find the appeal process and form online at the link below. The appeal form will need to be submitted with a personal statement of what they are appealing and why, with a copy of their ACT/SAT score report.

Appeal Process

What if we have multiple students who are ranked #1?

If you have multiple students who are ranked #1 in their class, and they all have a 4.0 GPA, then they will all get top consideration for scholarships here at Utah Tech, provided they meet the March 1st deadline. We do not know how many students are ranked #1 in your graduating class, so any who are ranked #1 with a 4.0 then they will all receive the same consideration.

Are there deadlines to accept scholarships at Utah Tech?

Yes, with the new qualifications comes new deadlines. As you know we are not setting a cap on the number of students who can receive or accept each level of scholarship. Any who qualify for the scholarship by the deadline can receive an offer and if they accept their scholarship by the appropriate deadline, then they get to keep their scholarship. Deadlines are as follows:

For students who have been offered the PresidentialChancellorsFreshman Non-Resident Presidential, and Freshman Non-Resident Full-Merit:

May 1st – Deadline to Accept or Defer your scholarship

June 15th – Deadline to Register for Classes or Defer; for those who accepted their scholarship by May 1st

If either deadline is missed, you forfeit your scholarship.

For students who have been offered any other academic scholarship the deadline to accept, defer, and register for classes is the first day of the semester or you forfeit your scholarship. 

How do students defer their scholarships?

It is really easy to defer a scholarship. All the student needs to do is fill out the deferment form online at the link below. We do not require a mission call, medical documentation or any other supporting documentation.

Deferment Form

How can my students receive help getting registered for classes?

The academic advisors at Utah Tech are working hard to get in touch with all students as they are admitted. However, if your student would like to reach out to their academic advisor to take a more proactive approach they can do so. They can find out who their academic advisor is by following the link below.

Find my advisor

When should students apply for FAFSA?

Students can start applying for FAFSA as early as October 1st of every year. We always suggest that students apply for FAFSA as soon as they possibly can. Even if they don’t know what school is their final destination, they can send their FAFSA to up to 10 schools. That way they still have time to make decisions while their FAFSA application is being processed by multiple schools. Here at Utah Tech, we will email their Dmail as well as their personal email if there is anything that still needs to be processed. No private information is emailed, just the information of where to login for more information.

Students can also contact the UT Financial Aid Office directly at:

finaid@dixie.edu  OR


FAFSA Application

Do students still have to take/submit the ACT/SAT for Utah Tech?

Though the ACT/SAT is not required for admission to Utah Tech or for scholarship consideration, it is required for class placement. A student who has not already taken the required English, and Math in high school concurrent enrollment, will need to take a placement test of some kind. The ACT or SAT will work just fine, but a student can also take the College Placement Test or Accuplacer Test. For more information on how to take the Accuplacer Test see the Testing Center link below.

Testing Center

If I submit information for a student after the deadline will it be considered?

No. The March 1st deadline is a hard deadline. We will not accept any new information for a higher scholarship after that date. As stated above, the only scholarships that will be considered after the March 1st deadline are the WUE, Red Rocks, Good Neighbor or Dixie Half Merit. All of which are partial non-resident waivers, and will only be considered through the July 15th deadline.

Do my students need to send a final transcript or a final class rank to finalize their scholarship offer?

No. We award based off a snapshot in time. We do not need any new information after the initial admissions process is complete, unless a student is trying for a higher scholarship (through the deadline).

I work at a Utah high school, but I have a senior that has been admitted as a non-resident. Why?

A student’s initial residency status is based on three things; drivers license state, self declared state of residency, and how long they have been residing in their state of residency.

  • A student who states that their state of residency is Utah, but has a Colorado drivers license will be admitted as a non-resident.
  • A student who has a Utah state of residency, but stated that they have lived here for less than a year will be admitted as a non-resident.
  • A student who has a Utah drivers license but stated that their state of residency is Arizona will be admitted as a non-resident.

Basically any time there is a conflict or question in their residency, they will be admitted as a non-resident. If a student feels this is in error, can reach out to the Admissions Office for clarification and solve the issue. They can work with the Admissions Office through the first day of class. They can email the Admissions Office at admissions@dixie.edu or call 435-652-7777.

Once classes start students will have to go through the Application For Utah Residency through the Registrar’s Office.

Residency Requirements & Application


This is a list of other scholarship opportunities at Utah Tech that are available to incoming Freshmen.


These are the opportunities for Washington County high school graduates through local community partners who want to award to local students.


State Scholarship opportunities for Utah high school graduates.

House Bills for DACA & International

House Bill 144 & House Bill 118 allow for DACA or International students who have attended a Utah High School for 3 years and graduated from a Utah High School the ability to attend Utah Tech at resident tuition.


Joni Hale

Assistant Director of Scholarships

Email: scholarships@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7578

Office: Holland Centennial Commons Building